How to set up ads.txt file in Cloudflare?

My domain is hosted by Kajabi but it has to be routed through CloudFlare.
I have asked Kajabi but we don’t have access to their server so they can’t help us install the ads.txt file at the root level domain.
Is this something that can be done in CloudFlare’s DNS section? I have tried creating a TXT entry but I’m not sure what the correct setting is.

I’m not an IT person. Any help is appreciated!

If you need to add a file at the root level of the domain you can’t substitute it via a DNS TXT record. They are not the same thing.

The best solution would be to add it to the hosting, but it seems not possible… An alternative would be using Workers, but I don’t think it would be feasible requiring coding given your last statement.

There isn’t an alternative.

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Thank you very much matteo! Really appreciate your expertise.
Just one more question: How about the ads.txt apps that are advertising? They boast that the service is free and that they will host our ads.txt file to make it work…???

I don’t really know what this ads.txt file would be nor what its purpose. I can’t reply to that…

I believe you can have a single redirect to your ads.txt file so it could be hosted by a 3rd party and you could use a Page Rule here on Cloudflare to redirect to it, sure. You could even presumably just put it on pastebin or something.

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Thank you very much Saul! That sounds like a feasible solution - even I can try to do it! (I’m a business owner, not an IT person or a developer).

I do know how to set up the URL redirect with Page Rules in CloudFlare. However, I’m not familiar with what you meant by “pastebin”. Do you mind helping me a bit further and give me the info on “pastebin”? Is it a 3rd-party app that can host my ads.txt file? Or is there any other trusted 3-rd party app that can do this?

A big thank-you in advance!

1 Like is just a website where you can paste in plain text to be shared with people. Normally used for code snippets etc but you could easily put an ads.txt file contents on there as it is just plain text. Once it’s uploaded then simply get the path to that file and have that in your ‘Page Rule’ as the redirection target for or what-have-you.

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This is easy with our app called Quick. Quick lets you easily serve static pages on Cloudflare for free.

Go to Quick’s install page after selecting the site you want to install it on.

Let’s say your site is In Quick’s Route Configuration section, add the following:

Route Name: ads.txt
Route URL:
Page Template: [your ads.txt content] 

Your ads.txt content should follow the same format as BuzzFeed’s ads.txt.

Press Install on all pages and navigate to to view your new ads.txt file.

Quick is great for other configuration files like robots.txt and security.txt, too.

Once you’re set up with Quick, you may want to install another highly rated app called Sulvo that monitors your ads.txt to make sure it’s always accessible to buyers.

– John


Ads.txt is an IAB approved text file that intends to prevent unauthorized inventory sales.

Thank you for your help, Saul. Greatly appreciated it!

Thank you Network Chimp! I followed your instruction and successfully configured my ads.txt file with the Quick app! It was so easy and was the way to go! Thank you very much for helping me solve my issue!!!

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