How to set up a new subdomain on my SSL

Hi everyone,

I am on the 20$/month SSL pro plan as I knew I would need more sub domains on https.

Everything works fine on the first set up.
*, … as Universal
and,, *, … as Dedicated

But now when I aded it is not linked to my SSL even with “*” and a page rule set up.

I wanted to ad a subdomain in the dedicated part of the SSL but I can’t find any access for further modifications. Is suppose I must not look at the right place. I’m in the Edge Certificates section.

Thanks in advance for your help


There is no such plan. You simply have the $20 paid version of Cloudflare.

Your access host should be equally covered by the wildcard entry in your certificate. The problem is that record is not proxied, hence it is not routed via Cloudflare and so the certificate cant take effect either. You will need to switch it to :orange:.

Thanks I look into that

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