How to set TXT record for AWS SES verification?

I’m not able to get the TXT record set correctly so SES can verify my domain. I’ve followed the advice at:

But SES still has not verified my domain. I’ve seen conflicting information, so I currently have two TXT records, in the hopes that one would work:

Record 1:
Name (<<< notice the dot at the end)
Value “”

Record 2:
Name _amazonses
Value “”

Does one of those names look right? Should the value be in quotes?

Record 2 shouldn’t have a blank value. There’s a code they gave you to put in there. And just stick with Record 2. Get rid of Record 1.

sorry, the formatting of my post was messed up. I’m not using a blank Value- I’m using the long string they provided, but in quotes- something like:

Value = “apisudhf-8uq4q3hf-g93h-gf9qh3wh=”

Should I be using quotes?

Nope. No quotes.

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Thanks @sdayman, that worked. Name = _amazonses, Value = long string with no quotes.

My real problem though, was that SES had changed the Value. We had moved the domain to a new host and registrar; AWS could no longer find the required TXT record, and they began a revocation process. If you get an email from SES about your verification being revoked, don’t just copy the TXT record from your old registrar- instead go to SES and get the value from there, because they might have changed it.

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