How to set TTL to 3600 for Google Verification?

I’m setting up G Suite for my organization. Google told me another G Suite account was using that domain name so I needed to prove ownership to reclaim it and instructed me to create a CNAME. I did but Google kept saying it was unable to verify the CNAME. They now say “the reason why I was not able to verify the CNAME is that Cloudfare has a default 72 hours propagation time, it will be 3 days for me to be able to verify the CNAME you created. Would it be possible for you to contact Cloudfare and ask them to make the Time To Live (TTL) to 3600?” - So my question is - How do I overide the Cloudflare default and set TTL to 3600? I thought I had done that when I created the CNAME but it obviously is on “Automatic TTL”

Our automatic TTL is 300 seconds (5 minutes) So I think the Google representative may be misinformed. Please verify that the CNAME records you have added are :grey: in the DNS control panel and not :orange: as they are looking to validate the value of the record and if the record is :orange: we are hiding the value behind Cloudflare’s proxy.

I just clicked the cloud icon which changed it to DNS only. Hopefully that will solve the problem. Thanks!

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