How to set the Load Balancer and turn off 1 server to see the 2nd to load as a test

I have read entire Load Balancer topic - and not sure how to trigger failover from 1 server to another.


2 pools:

Both they point to Heroku to own static site.

If I put 1 down nothing happens - not sure what to even load.

When I try then DNS points to prohibited IP - below are images what I have setup - please help - not sure what to load in the browser.

did you attach an health check to the origin pool and configure health check threshold appropriately as outlined at ? What is health check interval configured for ? IIRC, you’d have to wait for however long that health check interval is configured for at least before monitoring marks the main pool (primary pool) which you turned off as unhealthy for failover

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Yes I did for both interval 60 sec - they were all healthy - you can see that on the screenshot - then I have put the server down the 1st one and it change critical but it did not failover to 2nd secondary-pool - so not sure… basically it is not working

what criteria are you configuring to determine downtime for origin ? if it still considers it healthy, then maybe the check isn’t properly configured to determine downtime ?

I can add you to the account if you want - it is a testing domain - if you have email I can add you - the testing criteria are good

Probably best you contact CF tech support as they probably could dig alot deeper into your issue.

That is the thing I could not reach them at all - nobody is picking up - so I made a ticket

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