How to set the "cloudflare proxy" on Windows server 2016?



ok, so i’ve got a windows server and we use an A record to ease remembering the name,

However we would like to add some security to it by using the cloudflare proxy so its ip is safeguarded

Problem: dunno how to assign that

Can anyone please guide? as i dont seem to find a valid tut for this
What should we install on the server? what to change on cloudflare?



Is this server a web server, or are you hosting other services?


currently its just a computer with rdp,torrentwebui,ftp
I want to run iis over it but everytime i enable the cloudflare proxy rdp and other things stop working when used through the A record.

Is it possible to get things through the proxy itself? or is my approach wrong over this?


Correct. Cloudflare only proxies HTTP/HHTPS connections. To proxy anything else you need to use spectrum which is only available on enterprise at the moment.

Only chance is to use the ip if the records are set to :orange:

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