How to set SSL for Google cloud plateform

Now i use cloudflare free version
i want to use ssl of cloudflare with my website on Google cloud platform.
Please help me to set its.
Thank you

Cloudflare alone won’t do that. You’ll still need a proper SSL setup on your server first.

I can’t do like this like or not

Yes, Origin certificates will also work, but Lets Encrypt for example as well.

if i do like this How to Setup a SSL for Google Cloud Storage hosted Site?

Not really, that article recommends an insecure setup and will keep your site insecure.

It really comes down to your site being secure without Cloudflare. Once that works you can add it to Cloudflare.

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Ok it’s mean this solution is should be work and more secure

Yes, if you install such a certificate on your server it will work too.

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