How to set rDNS with cloudflare

Good Day Cloudflare Community,

How to set rDNS with cloudflare

without rDNS its show mail server host problem, is given by cloudflare but how will i set this ip as rDNS.?

need help.

As you will never send emails from that address, that address doesnt really matter. You need to contact the host who runs your mail server and ask them to set these values.

thank you @ sandro for you nice reply.

it did not show problem before add cloudflare but when i add cloudflare then its show rdns problem.
Please see the image of link. I will be happy if you reply. thanks.

I am afraid this is still not Cloudflare related. Mail does not go via Cloudflare. You need to check via which hosts that mail was sent and contact the right administrator about that issue.

thank you @ sandro

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