How to set proxy status DNS only by default

I am new and want to know that how to set proxy status DNS only by default. SO whenever I import any A record then it should take DNS only.
I don’t know anything about API that how to use it and where to use.

For the API there is a dedicated field for that

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I tried to read that article but did not understand that where I have to use BIND Config file?
What to do and where to do with required parameters and optional parameters ?

There’s even an example, just follow that and make sure proxied is set to false.

But I dont know curl.
I am able to understand that where I have to run that command?

That would be a cURL related question though and should be asked in a cURL forum.

The command needs to be run on a system shell.

You probably best check out StackExchange or a Reddit forum related to server administration and how to use a shell.

It probably is easier to import via the UI. There you can also specify if it should be proxied or not.

Could you please tell How?

Check out the Advanced button on the DNS screen.

In DNS screen in advanced option there is only two options
1.Load Balancing

I have tried with both checked and unchecked these option but still new record is coming with proxied.

Can you post a screenshot of what you got there?

And neither of that is about the setting when you create a record in the UI. For that you simply toggle the proxy flag.

I am not sure what your screenshots are supposed to show, but there clearly is an import functionality and if you unchecked the proxy box before importing the file, it should get imported as unproxied.

But you can check As I have given you three screen shots In first I have unchecked both option.
In second it is showing I have successfully uploaded file.
In third one I want to show that sill the record is coming with Proxied.

I just imported a file and unchecked the box and it was not proxied. I would suggest you try again and make sure the box is not checked. The most important screenshot you did not post.

For which screen shot you are saying most important?
I have did it again and getting same result.

The one where you uncheck the proxy. Import it again and post a screenshot of each step.

Got it sir this option is coming on second step.
I am very much thank full to you.
And sorry if I irritated you.