How to set NameServer with IP (and Page Rules for Flexible SSL)

I have a message that said " DNS modification pending"

I knew I should modify my DNS, however, my ISP said that I have to set Nameserver with IP.
How could I know these nameservers IP?

My DNS Service is Hinet.

You only need the IP addresses for “glue” when the nameservers run on the same domain as the one you are trying to set up.

What is your domain?


Like this picture.
What should I input for IP?

Some registrars insist on having the IP address of your domain’s name servers. I don’t know why, but…

ara is
clark is

Also, make sure these are the only two name servers you set for your domain.

Thanks a lot.
However, I got another trouble.
My Flexible SSL sounds like be not set correctly.

Did this setting got any wrong?


I tried to set this page rules, not any use.
Firefox still said that “SEC_ERROR_EXPIRED_CERTIFICATE”

You shouldn’t use Page Rules for your SSL settings. They should be configured in the SSL/TLS settings page.

I tried but no use.
I still got this error.

Did I set wrong parameters?

I wonder what they do when that IP changes.

It’s working now, but it has a lot of Mixed Content.

On the Crypto Page, turn on “Always Use HTTPS” and “Automatic HTTPS Rewrites”
This should take care of most (hopefully all) of the Mixed Content.

Here’s more info on Mixed Content:

It is ok now.
but from now on I can not use FTP Service to connect my site for updating static html.

I always use Filezilla for updating static file of my site.
And now I just got no response error.
How can I do?

Set Filezilla to connect to the IP address of your server. If you try to connect to your domain name, that’s not proxied by Cloudflare and doesn’t pass through FTP connections.

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