How to set my TXT record in your DNS so You will own the IP (PTR Question)

I’ve got a question that was asked, but without explicit answer to me ?
I’d like my PTR record to be added in your DNS :
I’m hosted at kimsufi that wants me to add a TXT record with ownercheck and value af1af2 (well I did).
No confirmation seems to be possible because they own my ipv4 adress.

Here is the message I receive :

It is a question of PTR record to me (I host an IRC client that display my real IP address instead of the proxy address or better DNS record).

Does anyone have an answer ? I’m hosted in company
Thanks, Nicolas

How is a PTR record related to a TXT record?

From what I understand, all you need to do is add that TXT record, right?

Whats the domain and which record do they want you to add?

Hi @sandro,
my DNS zone is now managed by cloudlflare, that was done without any problem following the guide (my DNS name was hosted by OVH)

My PTR record is not hosted by OVH but by Kimsufi (cheap hardware provider) and they own as well IP and PTR.

I added the TXT record in Clouflare successfully, but I still receive the message (screenshot in question).

I hope I am precise enough.
The IRC Web client use my PTR records so my REAL IP is known by anyone I chat with on freenode.


That message is somewhat unclear. is not a domain but the hostname of the nameserver assigned to you and obviously you cant pass an owner check for a domain and IP range which belongs to Cloudflare.

Could it be that you added “dell” in some wrong place? Can you post a full screenshot of where you receive that warning.

I’m confused : here is what I was trying (it’s in french : add a secondary DNS server, other than kimsufi that has my PTR)

BUT, maybe what Kimsufi is asking to me is to add a TXT record in MY OWN BIND Server

Thanks for trying to understand, I really appreciate :slightly_smiling_face:


That is precisely what I believe it is. The Cloudflare nameservers can only be added to registrars for domains you added to Cloudflare. You on the other hand seem to want to configure a reverse lookup, right?

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OK, thx @sandro,

I’ll try this, I’m not sure I can annswer if it is the real solution today (I worked pretty hard since long hours, it seems, my brain is tired).
You can trust me (I’d really like for others users who tried to understand this concept on the forum) that I’ll tell you if It works (I’ll send you belgian chocolates :slightly_smiling_face:)

See you soon, Nicolas


Well, indeed it worked (but only one in five attempts), contrary to local networks DNS, the PTR record has to be configured on your local Server and NOT in the Cloudflare DNS servers (reverse (IP) zone not corresponding to DNS zone).
I issued my problem using bind instead of DNSMasq (as following Stubby in DOH config), but DNSMasq does not support TXT records.
The experience worked using bind (always using my Stubby followers) and adding the TXT record to BIND.

The experience told me that as I use Stubby then bind as Forwarding ONLY, freenodes catch my real IP one time, and the next with my PTR record domain name. I’m not sure I can propagate this PTR until I change my BIND config.

Thx to @sandro for helping understand the concept, I don’t have fully working solution right now.

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