How to set DNS email settings using Cloudflare Pro and cPanel

When viewing the following DNS management page, I wonder why there Google information here?

From what I assume this been set up to use Google Email? I would prefer not using Google’s email server and use my own email server, I have cPanel. What changes do I need to make?

Thank you.

I think you were using Google email. Therefore, the there are those records.

You can use. You can first set up in the cpanel. Once configured, make a change in Cloudflare as well.

You need to update the MX records

Thank you for your reply, neiljay.

I assume I would need remove the following:

CNAME mail record
All four MX records
All four TXT records

then replace with the values obtained in my cPanel, is this correct?

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As I see the pic, first of all, you’ll need to update the MX records which is a basic requirement for the email to function. Rest of the records, you need to update accordingly. You need to forgo the existing CNAME as well which is of Google

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