How to set DNS after changing server and domain supplier?

Recently I migrated my Wordpress from Bluehost to Cloudways, and I bought my domain in Cloudflare.
In the past, I used Bluehost, but I also used Cloudflare DNS.

So after changing hosting provider to Cloudways and Cloudflare, I am not sure my DNS setting is right or not, please help me, Thanks a lot.

Attached is my DNS setting now, most of them are automates from Bluehost and Cloudflare, please tell me how to revise them, Thank you.


We don’t know what records you do or don’t need.

As a rule of thumb, if it’s for anything other than HTTP & HTTPS then it needs to be DNS Only. Stuff like FTP & mailservers can’t be proxied.

As an aside, you haven’t censored the domain name at the top.

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You covered up the domain in part, but not all, of the picture you shared. It’s nothing to do with any rules. I suspect that was mentioned as a courtesy notification in case you were intending to withhold the domain name for privacy. If so, you may want to edit your post to remove or replace the image. Otherwise it’s nothing to worry about.