How to set DKIM for cloudflares emails forwarder


how can i set a dkim for Cloudflare emails ? it provides mx record and spf even we can set a dmarc but what about dkim ?

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Cloudflare doesn’t originate any messages with a RFC5322.From of your domain, and as DKIM only meaningfully authenticates the RFC5322.From address there is no need for DKIM in a pure forwarding scenerio.

If you are sending mail with a RFC5322.From header you set up DKIM signing on the outbound side and then add the needed _domainkey record to your DNS in Cloudflare as a TXT record. The record data would be provided by your host or SMTP provider.

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SO you are saying :
if I use AWS SES to send emails but I use MX records provided by Cloudflare so AWS SES’s dkim(s) would be enough(if any provided by AWS SES) .

In this case you’d add AWS SES’s DKIM record to your DNS entries in Cloudflare, and merge in their SPF (you can only have one SPF record, but it can include information from multiple places).

The MX record would not change.

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