How to set custom path for images as per there type/category on Cloudflare images?

We have some Existing projects in which there are more then 5 types of images being stored like for e.g.

  • For user profile image …/user_profile/{uid}.jpg
  • For post Thumbnails …/post_thumb/{uid}.jpg
  • For post Cover images …/post_cover/{uid}.jpg

When using S3 storage creating separate buckets could work But, Bucket system is not available on Cloudflare images.

Secondly we are using incremental image_uid (e.g. user with UID 98 would have profile image at …/user_profile/98.jpg But, when we upload images on cloudflare images they are assigned random long IMAGE_UID
So, How could we fulfil these requirements when migrating to cloudflare images.

Note : It can be done by making customization But, that is not desired as that would be complete mess to maintain and will also largely impact our database size and performance.

I use workers and kv to save a friendly name for each file, and serve the file with it instead of the id.
That friendly name can include slashes so it would work as buckets or folders.

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