How to set cdn for multiple subdomains spread across different Servers



i have a new CDN setup for my domain.
my domain has one public IP for the primary www website (wordpress), and two IP’s for subdomains.

The subdomains are handled via A lines in DNS pointing to their respective IP location.

The problem is SSL.
The primary site is SSL-enabled. none of the rest are not. When SSL is turned on at the CDN cloudflare level, all other sites (not SSL) error out. When I turn off SSL the primary site goes down, all others are back up.

It was recommended that I set SSL at the server and use DNS only at cloudflare. I would like to have CDN abilities for all of my websites.

How do I set it up so I can have caching for all of my sites, yet tell clouldflare that only www is SSL-enabled.



That’s a challenge. The settings here tend to be global for your entire domain (and its subdomains).

If you’re finding that turning SSL off brings the subdomains back, try working with a page rule for your domain that will enable SSL.


Turn SSL off globally (or maybe set to ‘flexible’ if this works), and then activate SSL for the primary domain by using a page rule which matches only that subdomain…