How to set Browser TTL for 1 page and another for the rest of the site?

I have Browser TTL in Caching Configuration set to 1 year.

I would like 1 page specifically to have a Browser TTL of 5 minutes.

I set a Page Rule for that 1 page with the only setting being Browser TTL.

When I checked the Response Headers for that page, the max-age was still 31536000 (1 year) despite the Page Rule.

I then read that Cache Configuration overrides the Page Rule and that made sense given that I didn’t see max-age at 300 (5 minutes) for that page in Response Headers.

I then decided to try setting Browser TTL inside Caching > Cache Rule for that particular page. There the settings allow a minimum of 1 hour. That worked. max-age returned 3600.

However, I want it set to 5 minutes. At the same time want the rest of the site to have a Browser TTL of 1 year.

How do I set that?

Cloudflare never reduces browser cache TTL, the rules only increase it.

When it comes to Cache Rules, that isn’t correct, given this option:

I could use Cache Rules option but my plan doesn’t allow me to go lower than 1 hour.

So as I see I only have 2 options:

  • Set Browser TTL headers at the origin to 5 min for that 1 page and remove Cache Rule so that CF respects origin by default.
  • Set origin to either send no cache control headers for that 1 page and then use Page Rule to 5 minutes for that 1 page.


Yes, if you want to use Page Rules, you must set the headers sent from your origin either to the correct value or something lower than what you want.

There’s one other thing I read in the CF Docs above that raised my eyebrows:
That Edge TTL cannot be set for a period longer than Browser’s TTL.

I need Browser TTL to be 5 min and Edge TTL to be 1 day for that 1 particular page.

The CF Docs are unclear whether:

  • one cannot set the two TTLs in a Cache Rule (where Edge’s is longer than Browser’s)
  • one can actually set Edge’s TTL longer than the duration of Browser TTL if Browser TTL is sent by Origin.

While I understand the logic behind not allowing Edge TTL to be longer than Browser TTL, my problem is that 1 page can change at any time within a 24-hour period. So I have to keep it on Edge for that long. I cannot afford for a Browser to just serve local cached content for the next 24 hours because content may have changed on Edge by then.

I purge CF cache via API for that 1 page when a change occurs. But no one tells the browser that a change occurred, so a Browser’s TTL has to be short enough, hence a 5-minute duration.

So I am not sure now given the CF Docs can I actually have Browser TTL set to 5 min and Edge TTL to 1 day for that 1 particular page or not?

First I’m hearing of this. Where did you find this information?

Caching things on the Edge but not in browsers is a very common setup.

I would also recommend to just set the headers at the Origin with cache-control and Cloudflare-CDN-cache-control.

That way, you should not be limited in setting browser cache TTL.

Just create a cache rule that marks everything on the hostname as eligible for cache, and set it to respect Origin headers.

I read the docs again and again and some other sources I’ve read and… darn it, I cannot find that either. I must have misread something.

I will try setting origin cache control for that 1 particular page then and see what happens.

Thanks for all the help!