How to set an email alert for every access to the website

how to set an email alert for every access to the website telling me the ip and max address of the visitor?

sorry intend to say MAC address and IP of each visitor

If you really want to have this feature I believe you will be bombarded with thousands of emails per day :grin:

So yeah, this is not possible.

What you can have at most is the IP address of the visitor logged in Firewall, but you definitely have to manually check that out.

MAC Address is only identifiable within a network and it’s not routable, so it’s not possible to retrieve the source MAC address from the other network.

is it realistic to have the list of each MAC address from each IP from the firewall?

No. MAC address is not useful to determine the source of traffic from other network, and in fact one network can’t see the MAC address of the traffic coming from the other network.

I believe this is rather a basic networking knowledge so if you are interested into the networking part, you can learn the OSI Layers and also how switches and routers work. There are quite a number of videos out there explaining the OSI Layers and other networking devices.

why? if I need to bombard my customers I need their MAC address, no? and I am sure that this info exist on Cloudflare firewall. Is it, maybe, a premium solution for Cloudflare?

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