How to serve webp background images

Hi there, I am using the free version of Cloudflare and I have a question about Pro

I am using shortpixel on my site to create Webp images but for some reason, they are not being delivered properly.

I think the reason is because some background images are not working as webp because they are background images

My question is "would pro allow me to deliver these background images as webp? It just seems like background images are the issue for me when I do a good site speed test

Yes, Polish will convert all images, including background image, as long as (1) the conversion actually reduces the image size (sometimes, it doesn’t) and (2) you website sets the proper Vary header.

Thanks so much Flori

Can I also ask if Cloudflare apo would do this as well?

No. APO will only optimize the caching of a WordPress installation. AFAIK, the only other product that will includes Polish buit-in is Image Resizing, which is available for Pro Plan and up and is billed based on traffic.

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