How to Send XFF To Palo Alto

Hi Expert ,

I would like to know about now we have deploy reverse proxy front of Firewall Palo alto If we need to visibility Original ip from reverse proxy of cloudflare insert x-foward-for to Palo alto how to do and on the Palo alto side should be enable loggig XFF too and should be decrytion ssl in case traffic as encryption .

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Cloudflare send the XFF by default on all requests. It is recommended to use the CF-Connecting-IP header to restore the client IP Iā€™m these situations.

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Hi @michael

Thank for your response I have a littele bit question on the Firewall side should be decreytion traffic from reverse proxy in case need to see x-foward-for ?

Yes, you will need to decrypt to inspect the headers. However, as the key you need is the origin server key, this should be accessible to you.

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