How to send user data to Facebook?

I would like to pass basic user data to Facebook through Zaraz. However, Zaraz’s e-commerce API does not specify user parameters, which forces me to route each variable through Tool Actions on the Zaraz dashboard. Not a big deal, but I just wanted to make sure what I’m doing is best practice:

Standard Tool Action:
Firing Triggers: Order Confirmation (I set up a custom trigger for this)
Blocking Triggers: None
Facebook Event Name*: PageView

For each variable that I want to send, I plan to select “Add Field”, select the variable name, and then assign the value through a Track Property name. For example, if I were to send Country, my website would have the following script:
zaraz.set('country', '{country_code}')

Therefore, the Track Property name on the Zaraz setting would be country.

A few questions:
• Is this the best way of sending user_data?
• Facebook requires these values to be hashed. Does Zaraz hash them automatically, or do I need to do it on my end?

Hey! a better way would probably be to go to the Tool settings and add these fields as default fields. They’ll apply to e-commerce events too.

Regarding hashing - Zaraz takes care of that automatically.