How to send email using Email Routing

I’ve set up email routing for my domain, and receiving emails works great.

But the catch is… How the heck do I send emails from the address on cloudflare? I can’t add the email as an alias in Gmail because it needs SMTP login credentials, which cloudflare doesn’t provide.

There are few options you can use

  1. Gmail SMTP
  2. Sendinblue
  3. Aws ses for sending emails

The thing is, I already pay for Zoho, but cloudy requires me to override their SMTP records, so I can’t use both, and I would like to send from the emails setup on cloudflare, not my personal Gmail.

Cloudflare provides email forwarding, not hosting. You cannot send your emails through Cloudflare.

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Well Gmail SMTP is to send email using your business email also you can use AWS ses to send email that’s very very cheap i use it too with cloudflare email routing and it works without any problem

While Cloudflare’s email routing service doesn’t provide a way to send emails (yet), you can use a service like Mailgun which provides you SMTP login credentials. You will need to update the SPF record injected by Email Routing to add Mailgun’s SPF.

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