How to sell Business plan?

Hello Clouflare Community!,
My enterprise y using the pro plan, however, we have to go to the Business for a requirement, we need to add our custom SSL certificate.

The thing is that, since I cannot say that’s the only reason, I have to sell all the good points of the Business plan, however, by reading some of the info, I’m a little confused on it:

  1. PCI DSS 3.2 Compliance, meaning that my security will improve?
  2. 100% uptime SLA means 100% service uptime right?, then in the pro plan the service could fail?
    3.Uptime Service Credits: what is this?
  3. Just starting on cloudflare so, why would I need 50 page rules?
  4. I see that there are features but are all paid add ons>
  5. CNAME setup?, couldn’t I configure a lot of DNS on my pro plan?
  6. Spectrum (for TCP/UDP)
  7. Custom nameservers
  8. SOC 2 Type II, SOC 3 Compliance?, what does this mean to my company or a better service?
    A simple emplanation on these will suffice, but I’m getting a hard time trying to see the really juicy part (so I can explain it) to my business. Thank you a lot!

PCI compliance is important if you’re processing credit/debit card transactions.


The difference is with the SLA in place there are the uptime service credits if the level is not met, that is not the case on pro.

You may or may not, I’d probably not be able to consume 50, I know 3 for free is always tight for me. It really depends on how sophisticated are your needs to control to your site traffic.

Yes, I’d only add those to address a particular issue, stream if you have video, load balancing if you have issues with latency, etc.

@erictung shared a good post on that, Understanding a CNAME Setup with Business Plan

Is talked about recently here, Spectrum configuration. Spectrum is great if you need to proxy non-standard ports, good blog here,

If it is important for you to set up nameservers that are consistent with your site brand, so instead of you could have and For some it is important. After you create the custom name, to switch to using them add them as glue records at your registrar.

For some of our customers, compliance may not be a concern, for some #compliance impacts every decision they make. We talked about privacy and compliance as it’s important for us to comply with global standard. Lots of detail here

That means how we understand the security controls necessary to handle your data and how we follow those controls is audited, type 1 would be we simply understand what to do.

I am not overly familia with soc 3 so did need to ask google about soc 2 v soc 3

In general, a SOC 3 audit report is generally used by service organizations for marketing purposes, while a SOC 2 report is better suited for a service organization to provide their user entities that seek details as to how the service organization is performing in maintaining controls to protect their interests.

I think it would be biz chat, you can always get help on the Community by searching or posting, but sometimes it’s really nice to just be able to ask someone directly:


Other than Spectrum for Minecraft and SSH, you’d have to bump up to Enterprise to get full access to Spectrum for other services.

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