How to seek a Cloudflare DNS Only CNAME record override?

My account has a CNAME record that points to a community domain (a group of stores) currently managed by Cloudflare (DNS records show 5 IP addresses associated with the domain). My DNS CNAME record pointing to the above domain automatically populates as DNS Only, disabling proxy and CDN capability. The latter is the purpose of my signing-up to Cloudflare Pro (Provider advertises Cloudflare CDN capability). Contacted the provider and Cloudflare Pro support without resolution. Provider gave me an IP address, which won’t resolve (HTTP 404). Cloudflare Support suggests clicking the Grey cloud, which doesn’t exist in my CNAME record. The Origin server resolves and works properly via its domain name.

How may I request a manual override of the automatic DNS Only CNAME record? Is there another way to gain Cloudflare proxy/CDN capability for my site?

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