How to see what cloudflare interjects into our html

See the blank lines?

The blank lines open and close

Attached are showing the blank lines in my html when I choose to see the source code in the browser.

How can I see the invisible cloudflare script (just for my own knowledge)?

I googled to find out but am more perplexed as to why I am not able to see what completely opens and closes the content of the page (only the header is preserved)

Blank lines

Blank lines close and open content

I am not sure about your question. Why do you believe these lines are related to Cloudflare? They are most likely simply part of your own HTML structure.

I was able to see the scripts using ahrefs or one of those online help sites but I don’t remember which site.

The thing is, the blank lines are not in my html

I just want to know what encapsulates my content is all

It seems to be global
So if you right-click the page in firefox and see the code, now the blank lines materialize.

How can you be sure they are not part of your own HTML? Cloudflare is unlikely to add any of that.

Would you feel comfortable sharing your server IP address here?

Sorry I added to the message that which you asked before you asked

The link you posted actually does not contain any such lines, but rather appears minified.

Again, would you post the origin IP address?

line 18 & 19 at the top and there’s one line at the bottom


Again again, IP address?


I’ll go to those online sites that judge whether we are doing good and copy what they say about the blank lines (I don’t know why you don’t see it and I do right now) brb

I am sorry, none of that shows up here. In fact, it appears minified.

I still believe this come straight from your server but if you dont share the IP address that cannot be verified and there is not much more I could say on this topic.


I’ve copied it 3 times for you.


That is your domain, not the IP address.


Okay, I’m confused with what you are saying.

The domain is

The ip address is sticking /ohiopostunderground/solar/batteries.html to the end of it

OHHHHHHH…!!! doh url doesn not equal ip

Yes, it’s

Alright, you can remove the IP address from your posting now if you want.

Is your server configured to only accept Cloudflare connections? I do not seem to be able to connect to it.


Cloudflare told me to do it (one of you smarter guys on here)

It seemed to have broken up some of the attacks greatly but if you say I should undo, I’m all ears (this is all new stuff for me you know)

That’s pretty funny how you were asking for something repeatedly from me, and I kept wondering why you were playing with me,

That is generally a good idea, however makes debugging from my side impossible.

As I said, I believe these lines come from your server, however a) I cannot verify this, b) these lines do not show up here, and c) these lines are generally no issue at all.

If you really want to clarify this your only option would be to contact support, but I’d advise against it, because you’d have to wait for quite some time for a response and you would take up support resources for a non-issue in the first place.

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Yeah…I really should put more effort to compose my questions with sources and stuff (sorry, I’m slightly retarded) no pun

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