How to see my own role(s) for Account? Not Super Admin

I was recently given a set of credentials for a Cloudflare account for a new client. It appears this account does not have Super Admin access, as I have a limited set of options in the left navigation bar in the Cloudflare dashboard. I also get a 403 if I go to Manage Account.

I want to determine what role(s) this account has. I’ve searched for things like “how to determine my role in Cloudflare Account” but the assumption seems to always be that I’d be a super admin already, or have access to a super admin. I do not have access yet to the super admin and I don’t know who it is, which is a separate issue… for now I just want to determine what role I have. Is that possible?

Thank you!

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Membership can be seen here,

I don’t see the account you are using here as a member of any other account and see you as super admin of your account.

If it is the account you are using here, can you logout, clear browser cache and login again and check? I did not see the 403 error but took steps to correct for it nonetheless.

If it’s a different account than you are using here, let me know and I’ll start a private message so that you can share the account details.

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