How to see in logs if js challenge was solved or not

The js challenge logs don’t show pass or fail on the js challenge. Here is screenshot. Is it possible to see this? I am not on enterprise plan.

Yes, it is possible to see the JS challenge passage (percentage of successfull pass) either on the graph. I believe it requires at least Cloudflare Pro plan.

There are also available actions for JS challenge as written here (some of it require Cloudflare Enterprise plan):

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Thank you very much again for your fast reply, I really appreciate it. I can see the stats, in that graph, but I’m curious to see the ip and url and headers of the ones that failed. I can’t find it. :frowning:

I could be wrong with this one here, but, if using a Firewall rule I can see it exact here:

Due to the log, maybe using a logpush and available actions, but again if so, available to Enterprise customers? I am afraid I do not know because I haven’t use it yet.

Kindly and patiently wait for another reply from someone more experienced in this field :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much, I will definitely wait for another.

Yea I’m seeing same screenshot, below. I wanted to see the ones that are not solved, because I’m seeing many issued, but not all solved. And the only ones not solving it should be bots. I’m worried I’m blocking legit mobile traffic, so was hoping to see more details in this.

Do you know if js challenge will hit assets? And things that return content-type header of image? I’m thinking maybe it’s blocking those. I see them in logs but Im not sure if it passed or not.

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Sorry, I don’t understand this, can you please screenshot.

Unfortunately, though I see 2 (in my case) Solved, as I scan the list of 92 Events, they don’t tell me which ones solved the challenge. I don’t know of an easy way to track down which request(s) solved the challenge. I don’t even think Logflare gets that information from Cloudflare logs. And I haven’t heard of anybody getting this data, either.

If anybody has dug deep into Cloudflare Logs, it would be @erictung.


True. Even Logflare does not provide such detail of information.


Thanks very much all for sharing this. Is there another way to detect if I am giving challenges to proper things?

I skim through my Firewall Event log to see who is being challenged. For example, I have a localized website, so I challenge Non-US visitors. If I see a US visitor challenged, I double check that it’s unwanted traffic. For the non-US traffic, I sample many log entries to see if it’s a human or a bot based upon the user agent string and ASN.

Thanks that’s interesting. For beginner its hard to see if Im challenging the right things. People compalined already thigns wouldn’t load lol

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