How to see if Cloudflare is blocking user IPs

My digital ocean hosted service is using Cloudflare to manage DNS records. One user is unable to access the image spaces domain and I have a feeling it is because Cloudflare is managing the requests and flagging them in some way.

When they run nslookup [image spaces domain] they experience a error they experience an NXDOMAIN error.

I wonder if there is a way to check Cloudflare’s network logs to see if it is blocking certain requests.

No, an NXDOMAIN error would not be caused by a Cloudflare block. It could be a block by their ISP.

What is the domain in question?

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Hi Laudian,

Thank you for taking the time.
Does that mean that changing their DNS to and would be a possible solution?

It’s a possibility.

It is strange because the user has no problem when using a VPN.

Apologies for is reading your reply, the url is

That is not strange, but rather supports that there is a problem with the ISPs DNS.

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