How to see Cloudflare DDOS protection in action

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Even if I’ve read all the documentation regarding DDOS protection , I want to see Cloudflare DDOS protection in action, in other words, I want to witness the behavior of Cloudflare against the attack.

Is there any tool or way that I can simulate a DDOS attack on my website/endpoint to see what’s happening during an attack without creating a real DDOS attack on myself?

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Hi @bilalaybar, great question, we have had instances of folks attacking their own sites and mentioning that here. Although, I’ve not heard if it’s of value or not, some of the network engineers on this site may have good perspective they can add.

At bit sideways to your topic, but you may enjoy reading about MALCOLM and the Monsters in the Middle Engine described near the end of this tip, Community Tip - Cloudflare Notifications.

you can start with simple tools like ab testing, and make some js script that auto reload and open 100 tabs, or even buy some cheap 1$ vps and simulate real browser attacks simple stuff like that, you can than pay for services for stress test with option to simulate real users, will help you see an attack that bypass IUA mode

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