How to safely move Google Workspace Business Starter domains to Cloudflare?

Due to the forced move from Google domains to Squarespace, I have successfully moved most domains to Cloudflare instead.
However I have 2 that are Google Workspace Business Starter accounts, so they are using Gmail, have some additional email forwarding setup in Google Domains, one is using the Google DNS to point to another hosting server IP and the other is using Cloudways nameservers.

How do I safely move these domains to Cloudflare, without upsetting the Gmail, email forwarding and keeping the DNS/Nameserver settings in place?

I’ve emailed Google domains to ask this and their reply was all but useless!

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Cloudflare registrar is for domains using Cloudflare, and have to use Cloudflare name servers. From your description, it doesn’t sound like these last two domains are using Cloudflare at all.

Hopefully you have another registrar in mind as well.

Sorry but you are wrong, as I already have domains on Cloudflare using Cloudways nameservers, so they definitely don’t need to use Cloudflare nameservers.

Anyway what I want to do it move the domains from Google Domains to Cloudflare, setup the DNS as it is now on Google domains (this is all fine and doable) but how do I ensure my email address forwarding (currently setup on Google domains) continues to work.

Anyway not to worry, I’ll figure it out. Unfortunately neither Google Domains or Cloudflare have been very helpful on this.

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Please share the name of one of those domains?


Apologies, my mistake you are completely correct, the domains I have on Cloudflare are all using Cloudflare nameservers, but websites are hosted elsewhere, mostly on Cloudways.

However the 2 domains remaining that I wish to move from Google Domains to Cloudflare have the following setup:

  1. Uses Cloudflare nameservers, but is set up as a Google Workspace Business Starter account, with 1 full (paid) gmail email account, and multiple forwarding (free) gmail addresses that are simply forwarding

  2. Uses Google nameservers, pointing to another IP for the website hosting, but again is set up as a Google Workspace Business Starter account, with 3 full (paid) gmail email accounts

I can certainly move change the 2nd one to use Cloudflare nameservers, and set the MX to use Gmail still, that’s no problem, but it is the email forwarding I’m really confused about, as that all lives within the Google Domains area, so how can I retain the email setup and settings as it, but safely move the domains to Cloudflare?

Google information on this seems sparce at best as far as I have found thus far.


Case #1 sounds like it’s already prepped. The domain registration to Cloudflare isn’t going to change anything, though if you have DNSSEC enabled, it’s best to disable that before transfering the registration.

Case #2 is two steps. First is to get all those DNS records over here. You’d do that by adding the domain to your Cloudflare account. It won’t go live yet, because you’re still on Google DNS. Once you’ve compared DNS to make sure you didn’t miss anything, you’d update your Google WHOIS for that domain to point to Cloudflare.

Give it a couple of days to settle in, just to be sure. Again, make sure DNSSEC is off before you start any of this. Once #2 looks safe, you can proceed to transfer the domain registration, just like you did for #1.

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OK thank you.

This doesn’t address the main question which is how to deal with the email forwarding, but I’m just going to do it and find out. As email is staying with Gmail I’m hoping the forwarding can just stay where it is, but we shall see!

Thanks again for your help.


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