How to route the to AWS elb


Hi all,

I would like to ask a question about redirect specific url to AWS elb.

Scenario 1: If I found the url that match this hostdomain/path1 then I want to route this traffic to AWS elb for example with remains the original url(hostdomain/path1).

Current state: In Cloudflare DNS, my hostdomain was pointed to my Netscaler Load Balancer

Currently we have found out there are 3 ways might possible to do.

  1. Using Cloudflare page rule - forwarding. When we tried this rules, seems it overwrite the original url.
  2. Using Worker, we found some solution, but all the solution will replace the url as That mean, our origin will see the request url as
  3. Resolve Override. We can’t put in resolve override, since it mentioned we don’t have right to do so. As what we understand, we are not owner of hence we can’t resolve it.

Is it possible to route the traffic for my scenario?

Thanks in advance!.

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