How to Route Outbound Traffic through GCP NAT IP

Disclaimer: I’m quite new to networking so please ask whatever clarifying questions are necessary.

We use WARP, tunnels, and bastion hosts/jump boxes to connect to our cloud VPC networks and the clusters contained in them. We also access a clients public domain from our local machines. Previously, we were able to route the traffic from the local machine to the clients domain through our cloud NAT via using tunnels while warp was on. This allowed the client to only allowlist one IP rather than many local machine IPs. This is no longer working and I’m not sure why. Nothing major has changed in the configuration to my knowledge.

Expected Behavior
My machine reaches via a single consistent NAT IP in our cloud account

Current Behavior
My machine reaches as a generic cloudflare IP


  1. Is it possible to use WARP and Tunnels to route outbound local machine traffic through a single consistent iP contained in our cloud account?
  2. How would I do this?
  3. How could I best debug this/what could be wrong with our setup?