How to reverse-trace a URL redirect?

One of our URLs is redirected from to I cannot figure out where to change the settings (the domain DNS is managed in Cloudflare): There are no redirects set up in Cloudflare, our website hoster, our domain registrator nor on our Wordpress website.

Does anyone know of a tool that allows me to trace which site redirects the URL?

I’d first check the server logs as that most likely comes from your server. In that case you’d need to check your server configuration.

As far as Cloudflare is concerned it could be either a page rule or a Worker, but I presume you don’t have any of those, right? What’s the actual URL?

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Thanks, Sandro! We don’t have an on-premise server and the log files on our website server are rather thin and leave a lot to be desired. I went through it but can’t spot any irregularity.

The actual domain is I did a trace search but can only see the Cloudflare response but not which site has the redirection settings in place.

Yeah, in this case the redirect does come from your server and not Cloudflare.

Maybe the following header will give you some clue where to check.

$ curl -I | grep redirect
x-redirect-by: Rank Math

Sandro, I cannot thank you enough! I’m obviously not an expert in this arena and have spent hours searching high and low for an answer. Rankmath is a SEO tool, but here is no redirect set up. I have contacted the vendor and hope that they can help solve the mystery.

Thanks again!

Looking at the Rankmath support forum at WordPress, lots of people have difficulty with redirects. There’s some sort of Redirect module that can be turned off if it’s not needed. Others have had problems if they already had a redirect plugin (no surprise there).

Thanks a lot for looking up the forum. I saw the articles about the redirection issues and followed all suggestions to rectify the problem, to no avail. I’m in touch with the Rankmath support and very much hope that they provide me with the file name where the redirects are stored so I can perhaps edit that file, if that is feasible.

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If it makes debugging it any easier, you could also pause Cloudflare for now (bottom right on the Overview Screen) and connect directly to your server. That would take Cloudflare out of the equation and might make it easier for your vendor to debug it or at least believe you that it’s coming from them. Though, the previously posted output already made it clear the redirect is from them anyhow :slight_smile:

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