How to reverse a DMCA notice in Cloudflare?

Someone files a DMCA notice regarding my website to Cloudflare. And Cloudflare forward it to my hosting company.
Meanwhile, the issue has been resolved and the person agrees to withdraw the DMCA notice.
Can someone advice how to rescind a DMCA notice on Cloudflare?

Many thanks in advance!

I’d start by informing your hosting provider. Did you received a notice from both Cloudflare Trust & Safety and your hosting provider or just your host?

Thanks a lot for your reply!

I got a notification from Cloudflare that they received a DMCA notice and they forwarded the notice to my host.
Then, my host informed me about the DMCA notice and then it shut down my URL.

Now, I told my host that the issue has been resolved and my host is fine with me republishing my URL.
I just want to know if Cloudflare also needs anything from our side before I republish my URL again.

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