How to retrieve the ip address of my domain name which was purchased on cloudflare?

am trying to link my website with my domain name which was purchased on cloudflare.
verification of domain ownership on google has been successful.
However, i cant configure the A in dns as I don’t have the ip address.

Domains don’t have IP addresses. It’s rather the hosting service that would have an IP address.

But in the case of Google Sites, they use a CNAME record… and not an A record (which would require an IP address), to map the custom domain.

If you follow the Google Sites Custom Domain setup wizard, you should arrive at the screen shown below where they clearly tell you what to do to map your domain, and nowhere does it mention A record or IP address!


I have already created the CNAME destination in my Cloudflare DNS setting; I was actually asking for the IP address of cloudflare server as my domain name is not propagating itself when I am not configuring the A record in the DNS record.
Normally, when I purchase a domain name on other registrar, I receive an IP address for further configuration, but in this case when I bought the domain name on cloudFlare, not IP address was given for the server.

No, there’s no such thing.

Perhaps you purchased the domain along with hosting.

Many registrars also point newly registered domains to a “parking” page where they show ads or promote their brand. Cloudflare doesn’t do any such shenanigans.

IP address is simply the address of the server – the hosting server. Domain registration, by itself, has no associated IP address.

Perhaps you should focus on the actual problem you have, and not what you think is causing the problem. What specifically are you unable to do? When you type the domain name in the browser, what happens? Is there any specific error message you can share? Better yet, can you share the actual domain name so we can take a look?

Standing by.


I was able to resolve the issue, I had to create some rules but ultimately it works.
Thanks for your support though.

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