How to retain SSL from my hosting


I want SSL from my hosting.

When I set up CloudFlare I got SSL from CloudFlare.

Please explain me how to retain SSL from my hosting ?


Please remove you post from my personal topic. I want answer here to my question

In that other thread, they had the same question. The solution is to use a Business or Enterprise plan.

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When you use Cloudflare they terminate the initial connection, and pass the connection forward. This means customers will see a Cloudflare certificate.

Domains at the Business or Enterprise level of service can upload custom certificates for more advanced configurations, but this is unlikely to be needed in the majority of cases.


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If you want an answer to a question, it might be possibly a good idea to read the answers to that question. The link I posted addresses your exact question and I really dont know what should warrant your response.

As the link already said (plus @sdayman), you need a Business plan if you want your own certificate to show up.

Sorry. I did not get that you pointed me to relevant topic.

Please tell me - how much is CloudFlare public SSL worse than my paid hosting SSL ?

It isn’t any worse. It makes virtually no difference who supplies your certificate as nobody sees it or cares.

What is better for SEO - public CloudFlare SSL or paid SSL?

Or it does not matter ?

Nothing is worse. The free certificate works just as well, hence my question “why you’d want it”. You’d only need a dedicated certificate if you want more than one level, but that is still not related to your own certificate.

There is literally no SEO difference that I have seen documented anywhere, and Google has unofficially confirmed they don’t care.

https:// is a positive signal, but as long as the certificate is valid…

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I guess Google wouldnt even care about a self-signed certificate, but then thats really all quite irrelevant. Have a valid certificate on your server and a free Universal certificate and you should be fine.

What can you say that public Cloudflare SSL does not encrypt things between Cloudflare and hosting server?

Is it big site security problem?

What? I am not sure where you are taking all that information from, but so far it has been mostly inaccurate I am afraid.

No, the certificate has absolutely nothing to do with the encryption between Cloudflare and the server. That is solely determined by your encryption mode and that mode should be “Full strict” and “Full strict” only. Of course you also need a certificate on your own server.

I’d strongly suggest you check out

Hello I would like to use the CDN for some static content, but need the user to see the SSL installed on the server, and not the CloudFlare SSL. Does the SSL/TLS option: “FULL Encrypts end-to-end, using a self signed certificate on the server” use my certificate for the CDN content? or how does it work? Does this work on the FREE/20$PRO plans? I need a to enable the “zero-downtime failover” DNS feature, but can’t find anything in the control panel on how it works. Do I set up multiple A/A

What is it?

So if public CloudFlare SSL has not got any disadvantages for SEO and site security - It makes no sense buy paid SSL, right?

I addressed that at How to retain SSL from my hosting

If I use only one level domain, for example

Without any or and so on.

In such cases buying of paid SSL makes no sense and public CloudFlare SSL is 100% fine, right?

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Cloudflare covers the base domain and one layer of subdomains, so and * Unless you need more depth than that, or have some sort of other unusual situation, Cloudflare’s free certificate should be fine.