How to restrict users from a country

I need to restrict US users due to a problem .
Anyone can help me step by step do this ?
And another question is that if I restrict and block us users , what will happen to google and other engines robots ?
They will block or they do their job and crawl my website ?

Of course!

  1. please log in your Dashboard
  2. Go to the tab “Firewall”
  3. Navigate to Firewall Rules
  4. create a new Firewall rule
  5. give it a name
  6. configurate it like this
    “Country” equals “United States”

Enjoy blocking all requests from the US (americans) for the given domain.
hopefully your not doing this for escape DMCA with music

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Don’t forget to add another condition to let Google/Bing/good bots crawl your site from the US.


@M4rt1n Thanks for helping.
Actually its not related to DMCA problems, I only share and publish free Persian musics bro .

Thanks for mention that .

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