How to restrict traffic access to my website and IOS App only

Hi, could you please tell me how can I restrict access of the traffic to my IOS app via couldflare?

The thing is, I can restrict access only to my website, for example if someone ties to access my websites asset files or media from outside of my website will get error, but cant find a way to do same for my IOS app :frowning:

Need to allow access to website and IOS app only, for both.


My website got IP so I can white list it in Cloudflare, but the IOS app got no IP, how to allow that as well?

We dont use webview, we use native IOS app connected to Wordpress rest api, the wordpress is on cloud flare and with whitelisted IP, and it works fine, but the IOS app cant access to media files etc as its restricted for exact IP.

The same rules apply as in the linked thread. The easiest way will be a custom user agent, though that is certainly not the most secure way as others could still send the same value and pass such a rule.

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