How to restore factory all settings in cloudflare

I made some wrong settings in cloudflare, but I don’t remember what I changed for sure. How do I restore all initial Cloudflare settings?
My site does not work!

Whats your domain?

To really reset everything you can only completely remove your domain from Cloudflare and set it up from scratch.

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But to do this, do you need to remove the current (dns cloudflare) DNS and add the old one?

Because with the same DNS, an account comes back with the old settings.

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Censoring the domain is not very helpful in the context of asking for help.

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I’ve found that long-deleted domains of mine retain most, if not all, of their settings if I re-add it to Cloudflare. But you can see your settings history in the Audit Log at the top of the Cloudflare Dashboard main screen.


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