How to restore dc-##### record?

I use for an origin server and used godaddy for dns. When I transferred Cloudflare created a dc-##### record which I accidentally deleted.

Because proxied Cloudflare traffic breaks email, I understand this subdomain is needed.

How can I recreate that? And does it need to be only on Cloudflare’s service and/or acornhosts?

Thanks for any help.


A dc record shouldnt be created, respectively removable from your side. These are AFAIK on-the-fly records, which Cloudflare creates in the background for proxied records which should not be proxied (e.g. when MX points to a proxied record).

If it disappeared it would mean you either removed the MX record or you unproxied the associated A record. Are you talking about MX? Which domain is it?


Makes sense, and that is what I originally thought. Then I read an FAQ here that asked the question, “Why do I have a dc-##### subdomain?” And the answer was that Cloudfare creates one at setup.

So if it is created on the fly I’ve deleted something and reinstalled it incorrectly.

Here’s what I have now:
The A record is and it is now proxied and has the acornhost shared IP. The MX record that points to it is named and its content is

That seems correct to my limited knowledge of this stuff.
Thanks for your help.

Interesting, right now you do have a dc record, which however does not resolve. My understanding would be that shouldnt be the case. @cs-cf?

Considering the MX can never be proxied, that record will always be revealed. You could simply unproxy that record. Otherwise maybe try switching the proxy status off and on again and things might settle in again.

The issue of exposing the IP address is what got me into this trouble, ie., trying to fix it.

I’ll try to toggle the proxy off and on in the A record.

How did you see that I do have a dc record?

Resolving the MX record.

The dc record seems to be back in place. I guess something got stuck earlier.

Thanks for your help.

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