How to restore all DNS records? has unauthorizedly changed all my DNS records. I tried to restore them using Audit Log but there are no “Old value” fields. Only “New value”. Where am I able to get old values?

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When you integrated Cloudflare into your Ezoic account, you authorized them to make changes to your DNS by either providing them your password or an API token. When the integration is active, you must make any changes to your DNS in your Ezoic dashboard as it will overwite the contents of your Cloudflare records.

If you cannot find any data in your audit log, you will need to consult your hosting provider’s configuration instructions and recreate the information manually. Once you have assembled the data, you will need to either enter it at Ezoic, or disconnect the integration first if you no longer want to use Ezoic.

If you are disconnecting the Ezoic integration, be sure to change your Cloudflare account password, rotate your global API key if you have one, and remove any API token they have used.

For future reference, you may want to export your DNS records from your Cloudflare account to have a backup.