How to restart "Quick Start Guide"

I’m new to cloudflare, I added a site to cloudflare and it’s working fine.
Yesterday I added another website and it got a redirect loop.
Both sites are running on the same server and are WordPress sites.
I think I made the wrong choice on the Quick Start Guide, but I can’t find anything different on cloudflare dash.
How to restart the Quick Start Guide, or how to do the same from the dashboard. please help.

This has nothing to do with the wrong choice I assume. If you’re facing redirect loop, make sure to set the SSL to Full Strict from the dashboard → SSL/TLS. More info, here:

All the other settings reside for the specific domain in the Dashboard itself. You may be required to search them. If you think that’s not suiting, you may start over the same procedure of adding the domain.


Thanks for your quick reply.
I tried searching for settings and found some of them. The website is now displayed.
However, all posts can no longer be edited, and new posts cannot be added. I’m trying to figure it out now.

I found a solution to my problem, just add the following two lines in wp-config.php

define(‘FORCE_SSL_ADMIN’, true);

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