How to Restart Domain Transfer

After a few days, I just got a set of Stalled Transfer messages from Cloud Flare.

My domain was unlocked, the transfer was not rejected, the hosting registrar says its still pending, I’m pretty darn sure the auth code was correct, and I do not have privacy services enabled.

In the email it says this can be resolved by logging into the account overview and selecting “Cancel and Retry” in the registration details (in order to reenter the auth code and confirm WHOIS information.

I can’t find where to do this. When I login, I see the sites listed and a big button to transfer more domains. Either I’ve got cognitive blindness and am staring right at it, the overview page isn’t the one I think it is, or it hides elsewhere.

Can someone point me at where this resides – or if it’s needed. Does stalled mean stalled, and something will happen later if I do nothing, or does it mean it needs my attention for real?

Well, I never found the place to ‘Cancel and Retry’, but I eventually got multiple transfer confirmations. It would seem that stalled still means in progress and no attention is required (providing the source registrar still has the transfer open).

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