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I have the email beta running and its great. I am forwarding from my domain to my personal Gmail account. However, how can I respond to emails? If I use the gmail smtp server, it says “On Behalf Of”. Does Cldouflare have an SMTP server?

Sorry, no. The Email routing feature is only an inbound forwarder. If you need to go in the opposite direction, you’ll need to find another solution. Some email providers have a way to set a “Send As” address. You’ll have to contact that provider for details.

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I set up an alias in the receiving Gmail account and set that as my default address for sending emails from that account. It all works nicely, i.e. no “on behalf of”. There is a wrinkle in this fold though. Just for your awareness, I find that a direct reply [from the redirected email] to the sender works nicely but auto responses from Gmail using Templates or Out Of Office don’t because of the way the Return-Path field is specified in the redirect. Most likely there’s a standard here Cloudflare have to conform to, so it is what it is, but that’s a conversation for another thread.

With the alias set in Gmail I can set the alias features in my apps (Thuderbird on the PC, Spark email on Android) and the receiver receives emails from my domain address, rather than a Gmail one.

Steve-o_Devo how did you set up alias in Gmail? It requires SMTP credentials…

This seems like a pretty large missing feature. I get not needing to respond to newsletters / transactional emails but presumably the majority of people who use this would at some point like to respond to an email (from the same address that it was sent to).


It looks like there is a way to enable two factor authentication then use a one time app password to authenticate. In my testing, if you email another gmail address there is no “on behalf of” but if you email any other address e.g. yahoo, microsoft, etc. it still had that.

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