How to resolve trademark infringement complaint issue

I have recently migrate my website from one platform to another , some in active products were also imported but they are inactive and not available, i received an email from cloudflare for the same issue, and my hosting provided blocked my website.

can you please check and resolve, how may i completely erase that specific products until they un suspend my domain

please help

That error message comes straight from your host (cPanel, by the looks). So it doesn’t look like Cloudflare is blocking your website.


If that’s a message from Cloudflare, there’s nothing to do here but wait for that 72 hours to elapse.

no its not from Cloudflare, its from my Hosting provider, what they are calling upstream ? cloudflare ?

No, Cloudflare is downstream from your host. You’d have to ask them what they mean…but it still sounds like you’re just going to have to wait it out.

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It would be good if cloudflare just notify the user about the issue and then fwd it after XX hours if issue is still exist ,

Cloudflare notified me on the same time, and they fwd the same to the Hosting provider, and so on they suspend my account.

I don’t see any indication of an abuse violation associated with your account and the screen and message you shared are not from cloudflare. On the screen you shared, there is a prompt to Contact your hosting provider for more information. which links to

If we received an abuse violation, we’d notify you and your hosting provider. I don’t have a lot of visibility into abuse reports, but if you share anything from cloudflare you received regarding a trademark infringement, I can figure out why I am not showing any indication of that in our systems, your account, or your dashboard. Separate from those notifications, we have been making site owners aware of issues with serving a disproportionate amount of video files for their plan type, a section 2.8 violation of our terms of use. That has been mentioned a lot recently, Exclude all video files from being cached by Cloudflare - #2 by michael but it is not/does not seem to be the issue here.

WRT other types of notifications we send, if you login to your dash and select the notifications tab, you can set a variety of different notification types


I just noticed that there are new notification types available here. Thanks for sharing.

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