How to Resolve Root Domain

I have not been able to complete my setup successfully by entering the values needed to clear the error message “Add an A, AAAA, or CNAME record for your root domain so that will resolve.” I’ve tried everything I see. I’ve got CNAME, MX and Txt records working. Can someone help?

Even ‘www’ isn’t correct. It throws a 1016 Origin DNS error.

Your records need to match the DNS records at your host, so that’s a good template to follow.

For entering DNS for the root domain, use @ as shorthand for the domain name. And then enter the IP address (“A” record) or a hostname alias (CNAME).

Thank you for your quick reply. Cloudflare is hosting the nameservers for In constructing the record using @ for the domain name, I’ve not been able to locate the IP address. Any further help on where I find either the IP Address or hostname alias?

I suppose you meant prOcourse, which is registered at GoDaddy, which means it’s likely you’re also hosted at GoDaddy.

That’s correct. The, my error. Yes it’s registered at But the nameservers are with Cloudflare not GoDaddy. My understanding is I get the needed data for the missing DNS record from CloudFlare. Can you help locate the IP address?

Nope. Cloudflare is not your website host. Your web host has the needed data. You’ll have to ask them.

Thank you for your reply. My confusion is that I see what looks to me as CloudFlare servers being pointed to from GoDaddy (see attached figure showing and What am I missing?

My response still stands.

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