How to resolve root domain with no server

Hi All,

I have a domain which I want to user cloudflare to redirect to

( . substituted for _ in urls)

I do not have a host server, nor do I want one. I simply want to forward to

I own but not, although we lease

I have forwarding to properly via Page Rules.

However, the root domain will not resolve even though I have a Page Rule for that.

As I understand, normally you would create A name and point to the IP, which I cannot since I don’t have a server, nor can I point to the IP of, since the is not desired site (i.e., not subsite)

The only DNS record I have setup is CNAME www -> abc_com

Then I have the following Page Rules setup:
Forward 301 to
Forward 301 to

ONLY the forward is functioning correctly.

What DNS record can I add to achieve this?
Do I even need one?


Thank you @sdayman

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