How to resolve a blocked user with no Ray ID

I have given admin access to a plugin vendor to troubleshoot an issue on a client’s website. He is blocked but I don’t know why. He sent a screenshot of the message but with no Ray ID. He says there is none, but looking at the screenshot, it appears he did not scroll to the bottom of the message ([Preformatted text]( He is very difficult to communicate with, so I’m wondering if there is a way to diagnose the error or try another way to provide access. Thank you!

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The person that owns the site is blocked or the plugin vendor is?

They did not.

If it is their site that is blocking them, have them look to see if any rules would cause them to be blocked,

If it is not their site, they just need to scroll down and get the rayid and ask the site owner to investigate.

The plugin vendor is being blocked. Other admins have access.
I could try to explain to the vendor that he has to scroll down to see the ID. There is a bit of a language barrier but I’ll try.

Hey there!

Sorry to hear you’re facing an issue with getting a plugin vendor access to a client website.

Without a RayID, you can still filter Firewall Events by Path = /thrive0911

Based on what I can see, you have one frequently triggered WAF rule that’s most likely the reason that plugin vendor is not able to reach the site. If you get their IP address, you can create a Skip rule (for all remaining custom rules) at the top of the WAF Custom Rules list for their IP address, or just add them to IP Access Rules as an Allow:

If that doesn’t fix it, please provide the RayID, and we’ll most likely be able to track down why they’re blocked.


Thank you! I have requested the supplier’s IP address, country, and RayID. I believe the company is in Bangladesh, but that doesn’t mean the agent is from there. I don’t see any firewall events from Bangladesh during the probable date range.

Unfortunately not all events show up in the Events Log, but that firewall rule I mentioned is most likely the issue. Once you add their IP address, they should be all set.

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