How to reset site and start again from scratch

When you delete and add again site the data are still there. How to perform delete with removing all data?

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You can delete the records, but why? If they need to be changed to a different host, just edit them. DNS is pretty straightforward. You can also import records from our previous nameserver if you want in the advanced section.

I can’t make edits on my test instance I am getting api error 1000 and best way to reuse it I would like to revert to default.

Rather than throwing the baby out with the bathwater, how about we fix the issue? Is this an error when you are trying to create/ edit a DNS record? Is it this error?

It is created by updating in SSL/TLS app, adding new certificates, revoking etc.

And no test site works but I cant longer edit its setting.

I only see one active domain for your account. That site’s origin server is not listening on port 80 or 443, so the test site isn’t working because it is down, not because of an issue with your Cloudflare account.

Can you describe what you are trying to do in the SSL/TLS app? Are you trying to create an origin certificate?

Because I am now dropping all traffic until I can eddit ssl settings and my account isnt linked to main site.

Sorry we wrote on same time I doesnt see your comment. I am trying to revoke outdated certificate which is no longer avalitible on our test server.

Why? Was the private key compromised? If not then there is generally no
need to revoke a certificate.

Because on new server it is easier and safer to generate new key.

Do you get the same error when generating a new key or just when trying to delete the old one?

no and I can create / remove them but the previous give me the api error 1000

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