How to reset domain transfer (re-initiate the process)

I have initiated domain transfer to Cloudflare, made the payment, got confirmation email that my domain is underway. Suddenly, got email that transfer rejected by Old registerar. I have contacted old registerar and they confirmed that the domain is good to go and thed did not get any request from Cloudflare. How can I fix that?

Hi @alaa401, that’s odd you’d get an email from the old registrar saying the “transfer rejected” and then have them tell you that they did “not get any request” :confused:. Were they able to give you any idea of what action prompted them to send the email?

I’d check expiry dates of the domain, icann holds, etc. to see if there is anything about the domain that would prevent transfer. ICANN FAQ here,

Edit - You may also want to see if you can re-start the process from the Cloudflare dashboard. Go to the overview app of the domain, select manage domain under the domain registration sidebar and if you have an option to Approve the transfer, click Retry. After that you may want to contact your registrar to monitor progress and see if you have the option to approve the transfer with the old registrar.

Hello cloonan,
I have followed the steps to restart the process and it has worked perfectly. thanks :slight_smile:

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